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Beautiful wedding hair and makeup

A very nice message from Michelle


When I saw the advertisement on a bridal forum from a lady that wanted to pay it forward by offering 4 brides the opportunity to wear their wedding dress again for a promotional photo shoot, I jumped at the chance!

Arriving at the hair salon on what almost felt like my second wedding day, I was welcomed by smiling faces and warm personalities. Laughter filled the room and I got to know a couple of ladies that were also lucky enough to have been selected to participate in these photo shoots for the day.

One by one each lady was made to look like a movie star. I caught myself sometimes not completely following the conversations around me because I was just in absolute awe about the beautiful transformations taking place before me. This makeup and hair stylist was incredibly talented and knowledgeable. I felt deeply blessed to be seeing this multi award winning yet down to earth and warm artist at work.

Corinne was just so easy to talk to and worked her magic with such ease but perfection!

I felt like I had encountered a fairy godmother – I was surprised at how beautiful I ended up looking and I couldn’t stop smiling which was perfect for the photo shoot!

What a wonderful experience awaits the future brides that book Corinne for their wedding day hair and makeup!