I wrote this on the 11th December.

In the world of Eco friendly, Cruelty free, Vegan products and treatments are we getting that caught up we miss the point.
We ought to consider the impact our products and tools have on the planet and animals, so in 2020 I am moving towards a 100% cruelty free and sustainable salon.
This involves many hundreds of hours research.
Is there a better, kinder alternatives available.
So, are you ready to brush up on how to make the switch to eco-friendly vegan brushes or is making the switch actually doing the environment more harm!

So far my research has lead me to believe the words
*) eco friendly (sustainable)
*) vegan
*) cruelty free

Are all marketing words. Can the brand stand behind their claims?

Last year when I purchased my last set of animal bristle makeup brushes I was ensured the animal hair was ethically sourced, cruelty free animal living environment. Handles bonds and metals recycled.
Almost all makeup brands selling natural makeup brushes claim to be “cruelty-free”
The problem is, there are absolutely no animal welfare laws or regulations protecting and monitoring how the animals should be treated or housed.
So that means, I had to trust the company selling me their products.

This year I’ve dived deeper into the world of Eco friendly, Cruelty free, Vegan bristle makeup brushes they vary from $9. to $60 a brush yet, my question is still the same?

How good is synthetic bristles to our environment?

My research shows synthetic bristles do not break down like animal hair does, synthetic bristles can take up to 30 years to break down, 30 YEARS those tiny little bristles are floating in our water ways….
I believe they are using ethically soured gum and bamboo, yet it’s the bristles I am concerned with.

Now at what point does one draw the line, on Cruelty free, Ethically sourced Animal Hair Bristles Brushes to Cruelty free, Vegan, Eco Brushes, Synthetic Bristles Brushes.

I hope to have a conclusion before 2020.

Well it took me much longer than anticipated to come up with a conclusion

I will continue to run my sustainable, cruelty free salon as I always have.

Outcome was, I’ve been in business for over 22 years, collected many cases, products, tools I feel it’s completely unreasonable & not eco friendly to replace items that still have many years left in them. However, when updating them I will replace with consideration.

Many of my tools are electronics and they are not very sustainable however I need them, I just can’t operate without them.  Yesterday I needed to replace an item and it took some research I found a brand I was happy to buy fitting into my Ethos

I can’t see how people advertise they are Vegan, Cruelty free in this industry, they could re word it their quotes to Cruelty Free, Sustainable, Vegan friendly or minded.

It’s been a great journey and one I am happy I took.