Do I hire a Makeup Artist for my wedding day?

Most of us have our daily makeup routine done pat.  You think I can apply it quicker & just as good, or can we?

Yet it’s best to leave a soon-to-be-photographed face to the professionals.

How many frogs did you date before your Prince charming came along? 
Allow your self to be pampered on the day, you had so much to do leading up to this day, allow a professional to take control and make you feel like a princess.

Experienced, qualified makeup artists are trained to know the right colours and application based on your skin type, they know how to highlight your beautiful features and cover-up that spot that dared to appear the morning of your big day.

They have a wide selection of professional products & techniques which will ensure your makeup stays fresh and beautiful all day/night through. They know which products/colours/techniques to use based on your skin condition, theme colours, look, weather & lighting so you look just as beautiful in the flesh as you will for years to come in the photos and videos.  

In Queensland heat can be a major issue, trained artists we know the tricks to keep you looking great during our humid days. 

A makeup artist can only do so much good skincare, is the prep to any good makeup, the better the canvas is the better the end result. 

We do not want makeup melt, do we! A good artist will have an array of products to prevent this, they will also inform you of buying a small makeup kit, for you to visit the powder room before Professional Photos and Ceremony entrance. 

As a Beautician and Makeup Artist, I inform my brides on good skincare leading up to the big day.  

Why would I choose Beauty by Corinne over another artist?

Corinne has over 23 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge. If this were not the case and she did not care about the Bride on her special day, she would not still be in business!  

What do I look for in an artist? 

An Artist must have many traits, over the years I’ve been more than an artist, I’ve mended dresses, broken up fights when I see friction and I have the ability to stop working on a face and start working on someone else to help ease tension. I’ve pinned buttonholes, mended veils, driven family to the ceremony and been a sounding board for those that need a caring ear. Last but not least I’ve been there time and time again to ensure the magic I create makes the bride & her party look simply divine.

It’s my job as the hair & makeup artist to ensure the party is on time for the next step of their day and the arrival of the photographer.  

Most of my work is actually done prior to the wedding I ask lots of questions, as it’s my job to know the theme, design, style, era, program for the day 

I ask questions such as:- 

  • What is your current beauty & makeup routine, 
  • What style of hair & makeup you like, 
  • What look are you after (elegant, boho, vintage romantic), 
  • Do you have skin conditions or allergies?  
  • Photos of the dresses, flowers, accessories, are you wearing a veil
  • Venue location, decorations, settings, time of the wedding, 
  • Is the ceremony inside or outside
  • When does the photographer want you ready by?
  • Have you hired a videographer

One thing you will notice when talking to me is, I listen. I paraphrase so we both know I understand and you know and feel I’ve always worked with you to get the look you’re after. I offer suggestions to help you along the way, for example, advice on extensions so you can achieve the hairstyle you want, or maybe that red lipstick is a little too bright.  

With my 23 years experience, multiple awards and just shy of 4000 weddings under my belt I’ve seen it all and I’ve always had a backup if I am ill on the day, not all artists have one!

My personal advice on Bridal makeup.

Bridal makeup should be delicate enough to enhance your beautiful features and have you looking and feeling radiant.   

Don’t get caught up in the latest trends.  Your Groom and guests want to see a beautiful confident bride with a huge smile. 

No matter what the current trend is, your groom and guest should see you the Bride as a more polished version of yourself.

Thank you Hannah Photography for this beautiful photo